3 2023 cars will stop production this year, and some of them will surprise you

3 2023 cars will stop production this year, and some of them will surprise you

3 2023 cars will stop production this year, and some of them will surprise you

There are many reasons why a car, truck, or SUV may die. Most of these things won't surprise you, but a few might. In some cases, the car is not good enough to compete; More commonly, the popularity of different types of vehicles rises and falls over time, with all but the best-selling vehicles falling by the wayside. Corporate plans and policies shift and change, all while government regulations are constantly updated as the entire industry moves unsteadily toward an electrified future. All of these are reasons why these cars will be discontinued in 2023.

As usual, vehicles of all price classes and types will disappear, from small cars and hybrids selling at low prices, which have been affected by the electric car transition, to commercial vehicles that have become victims of changing corporate priorities, and older luxury cars that are gently withdrawing. Let's explore the recent additions to the cemetery, but keep in mind that some of these names may return from the dead at a later date.

  • 2022 Hyundai Ioniq

With the development of technology, car models also develop, and among these models there is the IONIQ brand, which means that IONIQ will become an independent sub-brand specializing in electric cars, as the IONIQ 5 model from the crossover category and the IONIQ 6 model from the sedan category were presented, in addition to a car. Ioniq 7, which will be launched in 2024, but this also means that the Hyundai Ioniq model that we have known over previous years will stop being produced.

  • 2022 60 Infiniti Q

It seems that coupe-class cars have begun to turn into a rare currency these days. Take, for example, the Infiniti Q60, which looks much more beautiful and more exciting than its sedan sister, the Infiniti Q50. However, the luxury car division of Nissan decided to stop producing the Infiniti Q50. coupe and keep the sedan version

With the increase in demand for SUVs, many car companies found themselves forced to meet customer demand and focus on manufacturing this type of vehicle, regardless of the aesthetic value this model carries. But it is worth noting that the Q60 does not have high sporting capabilities as its appearance might suggest, and this may have been one of the reasons that led to the decision to stop its production.

  • 2022 Lamborghini Aventador

Speaking of sports coupes, the Lamborghini 780-4 LP Ultimate, with a power of 769 horsepower and an all-wheel drive system, is considered one of the most powerful and famous cars in this category, but the price of the car, which is close to half a million dollars, puts it in a special category, and among the cars that will be discontinued. Its production in 2023 comes as a stark reminder that we are truly on the cusp of a new era, and its successor is expected to include a hybrid system, even if only partially, to reduce emissions. This means that the 2022 Aventador will be the last Lamborghini car with an automatically supplied V12 engine.

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