New Mercedes E-Class 2024 revealed, inspired by EQS and hybrid engines

New Mercedes E-Class 2024 revealed, inspired by EQS and hybrid engines

New Mercedes E-Class 2024 revealed, inspired by EQS and hybrid engines
New Mercedes E-Class 2024 revealed, inspired by EQS and hybrid engines

The new Mercedes E-Class in its eleventh generation. The car came with a combination of modern technology, new design and a lot of luxury.

The car will have four- and six-cylinder engines that benefit from mild hybrid technology. The integrated starter generator with a 48-volt integrated electrical system is intended to save fuel and enhance performance under certain conditions.

The E350 4Matic engine uses a turbocharged four-cylinder version. The engine itself is 2.0 liters with a power of 255 horsepower. The E450 4Matic uses the more powerful 3.0-liter V6 engine and produces 375 horsepower. Both models provide an additional 20 horsepower from the electric motor. The maximum speed of the car between the two versions is 210 km per hour.

Mercedes' G-Tronic 9-speed automatic transmission is standard across the range and has been updated to improve efficiency. Even the 4Matic all-wheel drive system has been improved. The front axle motor can handle greater torque, allowing for optimal load distributions on the axle.

Mercedes attributes the good handling and comfort to the modified multi-link independent rear suspension. It is said to provide great stability and wheel control. The springs and shock absorbers share a single strut and are separated from the wheel steering. This allows the suspension system to deal with bumps and movements in the best possible way. Air suspension is also available for a more comfortable ride.

New Mercedes E-Class 2024 revealed, inspired by EQS and hybrid engines

The mid-size car borrows the rear-axle steering setup from the S-Class. The optional rear axle system enables steering angles of up to 4.5 degrees when parking. At speeds above 70 km/h, the rear wheels move up to 2.5 degrees in the same direction as the front wheels.

Since the car's arrival in the mid-nineties, it has been distinguished from the C-Class and S-Class by quad headlights. But the new model lost this feature to blend in with the rest of the company's sedan models. The car also features design touches inspired by the S-Class, C-Class and EQS. The headlights are linked to the prominent grille with a black panel, reminiscent of the EQS and EQE electric sedans. The grid itself is full of detail; In the form of three-pointed stars placed in the middle, connected by only one horizontal chrome strip. There is also a set of star motifs that adorn the rest of the surface. Two prominent lines flow down the side of the car, along with the “tail part” design. It will be difficult to distinguish the car's design in C and S. There are also muscular parts in the front end that will increase in size in the AMG versions. As for the rear of the car, it has direct S-Class inspiration, with few changes. Buyers can choose an illuminated grille or replace the standard LED headlights with a sophisticated Digital Light setup. Naturally, the new E is larger than the outgoing car thanks to a 0.4-inch longer wheelbase. Passengers can enjoy more interior space accordingly. Mercedes says the E can accommodate 21-inch wheels.

Interior Design :

The interior of the 2024 E-Class is similar to the modern design found in the EQE and EQS electric sedans. This includes a super MBUX display that covers the width of the interface. The glass cover extends to the passenger side, where you'll find the optional passenger display. Interestingly, the digital gauges are not integrated into the larger screen and have the illusion of floating behind the wheel.

New Mercedes E-Class 2024 revealed, inspired by EQS and hybrid engines

The center console appears to flow from the dashboard and includes a hidden storage compartment with cup holders, an armrest and USB ports. The modern design extends to the door panels, where you'll find a variety of controls. Mercedes says that the seats are inspired by “shells”, as the convex surfaces are characterized by numerous vertical lines that follow the shape of the seat and expand at the top.

The seat design varies depending on the type of upholstery chosen. By choosing leather, there are different finishes and perforated diamond-pattern upholstery. There are countless trims and interior color schemes to choose from. Open-pore wood veneers will be provided.

MBUX is more advanced:

The new car comes with the latest and greatest version of MBUX, which Mercedes claims is smarter than ever. And because the systems and monitors share an internal central computer, performance is greatly improved. The car has an optional 3D driver display. The LCD screen makes use of a special pixel system, which makes the left and right eyes see different pixels. This creates the illusion of depth.

An optional in-car selfie and video camera can be used to hold meetings in the car. MBUX can also act as a personal server of sorts, anticipating your needs. Mercedes-Benz says that in the future, artificial intelligence (AI) will be able to anticipate your needs based on the comfort systems you use most. Currently, the car can support the driver and passenger in unique ways.

The car can be programmed to switch the seat heating below a certain temperature or use specific ambient lighting settings for specific times of the day or on occasions. The “Date Night” setting can change the ambient lighting to shades of red and play romantic music via Bluetooth. In the future, the car will be able to anticipate your arrival at work, and open the window for you to sign in at the security gate.

The “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant is now equipped with the “Just Talk” function, which allows the driver to activate the voice assistance system. An optional interior assistant uses infrared cameras to provide support to passengers. The cameras monitor body language and movement and can anticipate their needs. The new Zero Layer feature is also standard.

A dedicated app store within Mercedes Me will allow customers to enjoy apps such as Angry Birds, TikTok and the Vivaldi web browser.

Sound system  :

The audio system sounds extraordinary and should provide owners with an immersive and rich listening experience. The standard Burmester 4D surround sound system includes Dolby Atmos and features up to 21 speakers throughout the cabin. Two speakers are integrated into the headliner, along with the sound resonance in the seats, creating an incredible experience.

Latest security features:

Passive and active safety features abound, with driver and front passenger airbags, along with a knee airbag for the driver. There are also window airbags, front side airbags and optional rear seat side airbags. Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe is also standard. It also comes with Active Brake Assist, Active Lane Assist, Parking Package (with reversing camera), and Speed Limit Assist. The Attention Assist has been updated and can optionally detect signs of sleep thanks to the 3D display. If the driver does not respond to various warnings, the vehicle can initiate an emergency stop. The doors are then opened and the interior assistant can contact emergency services.

The optional Driving Assistance Package includes Active Steering Assist along with lane detection and many other easily accessible things. Among the systems worth mentioning is the steering and maneuvering assistance that can take action against stationary objects and pedestrians.

When will the car arrive?

Mercedes did not say when the new E-Class will arrive in showrooms. Prices have not been announced yet, but the new model will undoubtedly be more expensive than the current model. This is due to software updates and new technologies. The current range starts at $56,750, so we would not be surprised to see the base model come in at more than $60,000.

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