Skoda Eniac RS 2024 gets these updates

Skoda Eniac RS 2024 gets these updates

Skoda Eniac RS 2024 gets these updates

Although the first release was less than two years ago, Skoda showed off new updates to its electric SUV, known as the Skoda Eniac RS 2024.

After details of the regular models were revealed last week, it's now your turn to discover what the 2024 Skoda Enyaq RS has to offer. You'll get more power, more range, and faster DC charging, all of which makes us wonder if early adopters of the Enyaq RS Coupe are jealous. now!

As the landscape surrounding electric vehicles continues to evolve, it's refreshing to see manufacturers offering upgrades with increasing frequency.

As for the Skoda electric car, the twin motors in the 2024 Enyaq RS produce a combined power of 340 hp, an increase of 40 hp over the previous model.

Skoda Eniac RS 2024 gets these updates

This new power upgrade has reduced the acceleration time from zero to 100 km/h by one second, recording just 5.5 seconds. What's even better, this extra power doesn't come at the expense of range.

Thanks to retuned electric motors and improved energy management software, the standard RS model offers an impressive range of up to 541 km. As for the coupe, it will get 547 km when fully charged.

Skoda Eniac RS 2024 gets these updates

The Czech company Skoda plans to raise the charging speed from 135 kW to 175 kW. This update cuts eight minutes of battery charging time from 10 to 80%, as it now only takes 28 minutes.

The new version for 2024 offers updated graphics in the digital instrument cluster, driver display, and entertainment system.

Earlier in 2023, the Skoda Eniac also got a touch of luxury with the Laurin & Klement trim level.

In the same context, Skoda has begun to drop some hints about the second-generation Eniac model for the year 2025, including a more elegant model characterized by an attractive sloping roof line, and we are expected to see more details regarding this model in the coming months. 

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