Toyota 4Runner won't change much in 2024

Toyota 4Runner won't change much in 2024

Toyota 4Runner won't change much in 2024

Toyota 4Runner won't change much in 2024

Continuing production of the truck that has remained unchanged for 15 years, it appears that the 2024 Toyota 4Runner will remain exactly the same.

The truck that led many people's adventures with a five-speed automatic transmission and a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter V6 will carry over into next year in the same form.

Although Toyota has revised its entire truck lineup, the 4Runner - a model known for its extreme popularity - is waiting its turn to get its update.

According to several sources, the update that everyone has been waiting for is expected to come in 2025, and may include the 2.4-liter turbo engine from the 2024 Tacoma with a hybrid option.

While the new trucks shine in showrooms with modern technology, big screens and updated powertrain systems, the 2024 Toyota 4Runner will remain the same on old gear.

Toyota reports indicate that there are no changes for the 2024 model year except for the addition of two new colors: the exclusive Terra color for the 4Runner TRD Pro, which it shares with the new Tacoma, and another color called Underground.

Although the new version has a 270 hp engine, all seven models come equipped with an advanced driver assistance system, including adaptive cruise control.

The Toyota 4Runner is arguably a perfect example of not tweaking things that work well.

People who want to buy a 2024 4Runner are usually looking for something simple and powerful, and may even be frustrated because it will become more complicated after the expected update.

In fact, people who buy this model will like the simple interior made of plastic with the screen reminiscent of the 2009 vibe.

Despite all this, the long life does not affect its off-road capabilities. It's still the same 4x4 truck that many millennials have used for off-roading, and it's still able to keep up with new regulations.

You still get the Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS), which consists mainly of active stabilizer bars, and off-road models also get great traction control and rear differential control systems.

Some experts believe that adding new colors to the Toyota 4Runner in 2024 may help attract an additional number of consumers. But with the updated version approaching launch in 2025, the question remains: Should you buy the current version, or wait for the new one?

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